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The International Association of Internists is a unique organization, bringing together the brightest minds in the field of internal medicine.

With unparalleled capabilities in marketing and networking; induction into the IAI creates a global platform for you to promote yourself, your ideas, and your business.

The IAI is a subsidiary of the International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP). IAHCP selects top doctors from each specialty and publishes them in our renowned directory, The Leading Physicians of the World. It is in this publication that you will be featured among other top doctors from all specialties, and be recognized by consumers and other medical professionals as a leader in the field of internal medicine.

At the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, our goal is to select the leaders in each specialty and make them accessible to consumers everywhere. Not all physicians are created equal, and by selecting the brightest minds in each field and marketing them to the public, your practice will flourish and patients will be provided with the best healthcare possible.

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