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Welcome to The International Association
of Internists (IAI)

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An elite group of practicing physicians from around the world...

Our members are hand selected through extensive research, and invitation to membership is granted only to those physicians who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in the field of internal medicine. Each year The IAI publishes The Leading Physicians of the World. It is here where our member's professional biographies are featured and then distributed to thousands of consumers and healthcare providers from around the world.

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Inclusion into the International Association of Internists is a tribute to one's professional achievements and opens up a wealth of opportunities for our selected physicians and their practices. With thousands of members from across the globe, the International Association of Internists is the premier networking tool and consumer guide for finding top internists' in every area.

Through multiple mediums both published and online, the International Association of Internists makes sure that our selected physicians stand out from amongst the crowd, and become a consumer's first choice. As a leading physician in your field, The IAI will put your name in the forefront of search engines, mail campaigns, and published directories.

With unlimited resources and networking capabilities, the IAI is honored to continually recognize those who have attained greatness in the field of medicine.
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